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acupuncture, pain clinic

In-Hwa Acupuncture knows that you are here because you are having pain, disability or don’t feel well. 

It is our mission to make your visit comfortable and convenient as we work together toward the goal of facilitating your recovery to the fullest extent possible. 

Our practice takes great pride in operating as a team to provide every patient with friendly, quality personalized care.

Your satisfaction is important to us. 
Please visit our clinic for more information. 

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almost 6 years
육기란 무엇인가?
문진을 통한 육기(풍한서습조화)의 진단 방법
about 6 years
Do you want to experience the REAL BENEFIT of FAR INFRARED RAYS?
Please visit In-Hwa Acupuncture Clinic-Buena Park(phone 714-736-0382) today and exrience the benefit of Far Infrard Rays.

[Benefits you can get]

1. Far Infrared Rays improve the immune system b y giving protection against harmful viruses and bacteria.

2. The improvement of the body defense system stops the increase of cancer cells by speeding up blastogenesis. According to tests on animals, the increase of malignant tumors like sarcoma and melanoma were notably less. Currently, more research studies are being performed on the effect of cancer prevention.

3. Suppression and prevention of the effects of arteriosclerosis have been performed by stopping the formation of peroxide and adipose. A positive clinical effect was found with patients who had blood circulation troubles.

4. Other diseases which showed notable improvement with far infrared ray treatments include rheumatiod arthritis, paralysis, diabetes, lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, occlusion by arteriosclerosis, raynaud disease and progressive hardening of the arteries.
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about 6 years
원적외선 마사지 머신으로 건강을 찾으실 수 있습니다. [인화한의원]
인화 한의원 부에나팍 에서 원적외선 마사지를 통해 건강을 찾으세요.
(phone 714-736-0382)

[ 원적외선의 효과 ]

* 각종질병의 원인이 되는 바이러스를 없앤다
* 모세혈관을 확장시켜 혈액순환과 세포조직을 활성화 시킨다
* 공진과 공명작용에 의한 세포조직 활성화
* 신진대사 촉진
* 만성피로와 각종성인병 예방과 치료에 효

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