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It started in 1989 when two brothers decided to launch a business. Craig and Jason Hill had been been involved in the emerging cultured marble industry, and chose this moment to strike out on their own.

It wasn’t easy. Both men had full-time jobs, and had to fit their new enterprise around an already-full schedule. There were 18 and 20-hour days, Craig recalls. He soon quit his day job.I figured, it’s time, he says. Sink or swim.

At least Jason still had a stable position working at the grocery store, but soon even that backstop was gone.Jason came in about six months after we started, Craig says, and said, Well, we gotta’ make this thing work now — I just quit!

So we did.

That boldness gave them the impetus they needed, but they encountered problems soon enough. “We handled them one at a time,” Craig says, “and knocked them down like bowling pins.” Even when money was tight, the payroll still went out. “Everyone had to get paid before we did,” Craig remembers. “It probably took us two years before we could take even a little bit of a paycheck.”

The sacrifices paid off. Now the two brothers, along with Jason’s wife Wendy, manage a diverse and thriving business that has weathered changing trends and economic cycles. Good service and quality never go out of fashion. That's why Olympic Marble continues to flourish.

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